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Cameras Allowed in Amish School
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"I don't know any of the families, but my children go to a little country school like this one," she said.

Such places of learning are common in Lancaster County. Two nearby Amish schools that look like mirror images of the one Mr. Roberts victimized continued to operate.

Boys and girls played softball in front of their Amish school in Christiana. At the school outside Quarryville, tag was the game of choice. Without television, radio or cell phones, the children know little or nothing about the killings.

Flags in Lancaster County are flying at half-staff. Signs of support for the victims and their families dot front yards miles from the school.

"Our community has been hurt, but we are still a very close community," said the Rev. Douglas Hileman of Middle Octorara Presbyterian Church in Quarryville. "We know our Amish and our English neighbors."

By chance, his wife and Mr. Roberts' wife were praying together at the church when the killing began.

In Amish Country, where peacefulness, humility and hard work are prized, senseless crime has become an everyday topic.

"There is evil in the world," Mr. Hileman said. "I'm not saying Mr. Roberts was evil, but there is evil."

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