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World-Renown Jazz Photographer Featured at Calif. Couple's Art Show

"With people who are world renown, they trust us. As a result, we develop this bond, and it becomes a lasting bond," Chandler said. "For a guy like (Leonard) to come here and do a show it's just incredible."

Former city councilmember Pamela Pitts has been attending the annual art shows for almost a decade.

"It's not only entertaining, it's also educational because I've met some fairly famous artists and I was able to talk to them and get their perspective on their work," Pitts said.

Her favorite artist so far was Chinese artist Caroline Young.

"It's the Chandlers' gift to Vallejo. We're very fortunate they chose Vallejo," Pitts said. "It shows what a rich culture we truly have here."

Many Vallejoans still have trouble believing the Chandlers when they tell them about their parties.

"If we do tell people what we do here, the ones who live here have a hard time believing," Chandler said. "But we have no problem with people coming here."

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Also appearing

In addition to hosting world-renown jazz photographer Herman Leonard, Vallejo art brokers Vincent and Irene Chandler have hosted other well-known artists in their annual show at their Glen Cove house.

Some of the artists:

Miguel Martinez Frank Howell Caroline Young

To contact the Chandlers for an art consultation, e-mail.

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