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Fujifilm Alerts Users to Dangers of "Re-Certified" Media Market
Investigation finds used media potential source of failures & compliance breaches
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2. Prohibit the buying or selling of used or recertified media to protect against potential breach of confidentiality policies or violation of government regulations;
3. Develop guidelines for confirming appropriate data deletion and destruction of retired media, or utilize third party companies that provide proper certification of destruction;
4. Specify “new, factory fresh” media when purchasing new media through a reseller. This will help to ensure that the media they receive is not merely re-certified or repackaged to appear as new.

Fujifilm actively works with partners, resellers and other manufacturers in the industry to ensure regulatory compliance is not compromised, and provides educational materials for CIOs and IT Managers that encourage “best practices” for handling, storing, transporting and disposing of data to protect a company's information assets.