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Texas Professional Photographer-Couple Sticking With Tradition

Ted Black of Bedford, a former president of the Trinity Arts Photo Club, said he and a few other photographers in the 70-member group remain skeptical of even the most advanced digital cameras.

"I know the world is changing rapidly," Black said. "But some of us still have the trusty Canon or Nikon, or whatever, that is still doing a very good job with very good resolution. We are just not fully convinced that a $1,000 or $2,000 digital will deliver. I get kicked in the shins all the time because I haven't gone digital."

Die-hards wanting such supplies such as slide film are finding them scarce, although some small companies are filling niches.

But there's more to consider than supply, cost, familiarity and even loyalty, film aficionados say.

Because digital photography allows for greater manipulation of light, contrast, color and other aspects, some say it's not clear at what point a quality photograph becomes a clever manipulation.

"With film, the contrast of the scene is more or less a function of the film," Spencer said. "If the light is very harsh or flat, you're more or less stuck with it. And with film, at least with color transparencies, that's true, too."

But by blending digital photography with software, "you can change contrast, work on the color balance," he said. With some of the newer, more advanced programs that cost several hundred dollars, the possibilities are even broader, he said.

"If the roses aren't red enough or you don't like the sky, you can change that," Spencer said. "You can put things in and take them out. A lot of old-time photographers have been reluctant to accept this.

"Before, they would say, 'Pictures don't lie.' But now, they do lie."

Still, one thing hasn't changed, Spencer said.

"To obtain a good photograph, whether it's in the old view cameras or the latest digital, you still have to be a good photographer," he said.

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