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Pictures on Ice, Tips for Photographing Glaciers

"I spend enough time out there, that I've done my work and can take them to the places that I like. And there's always new stuff opening up, too. It's constantly changing."

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* When? -- Early spring or late summer/early fall is the best time of year. In the summer, the melt tends to "flatten" the look of the glaciers.

* Shutter Speed -- Set your shutter speed high enough to accommodate the washed-out appearance that glaciers sometimes have.

* Details, Details -- Don't always go for the large-glacier theme in a photograph. Sometimes intricate details on small portions of ice, such as swirled ice and carved-out sections of ice, are just as interesting.

* Off-Center -- Avoid centering the most interesting aspect of a photo. Experiment with placement. Try making it the foreground of the image or off to one side.

* Pair up -- Pair other natural elements -- the sun, the clouds, rocks -- with the ice to create a more interesting image.

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