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Do Fuji and Noritsu Look Alike? Reason: They Really Are (Well, Almost)

From left: Noritsu QSS-3501Plus minilab and Fujifilm Frontier 710 minilab
On the left is the Noritsu QSS-3501Plus minilab, on the right is the Fujifilm Frontier 710 minilab.
From left: Fuji FP150SC film processor and Noritsu QSF T-15 film processor
On the left is the Fuji FP150SC film processor, on the right is the Noritsu QSF T-15 film processor.

However, while it appears that Noritsu might eventually make all of Fuji's silver halide back end systems, the development and production of back end dry solutions, the direction that the industry now seems to be taking, could well remain solely within the hands of Fuji.

Might the strong Noritsu-Fuji alliance change the relationship that Noritsu has had for many years to promote the use of Kodak paper in its machines? Bing said there was no agreement on paper and would not speculate on the matter.

How does the Noritsu-Fuji tie impact the retailer? Rich Tranchida, executive VP of Ritz Camera, one a long-time Fuji supporter, said, "It makes a lot of sense. It doesn't affect me at all. Our Frontiers are still our Frontiers."

As for the déjà vu, did anyone really walk into the Fuji booth and see the similarity between the Fuji and Noritsu models? "No," said Bing Liem. "It was a non-event."