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New Finishing Technologies Shown at PMA Include UV Coating, Album Production

Versa UV Coaters
Versa UV Coaters on display at PMA.

At PMA smart shoppers saw the value in the Versa UV product line. Fujifilm representatives showed interest for their iGen3 digital offset presses, as did HP for the Indigo. The reason UV coating is becoming important to finishing digital offset paper is because some toners or digital inks tend to scrape off.

The Versa coating machines were exhibited in the Korean section under the manufacturer's name, C & J, Inc. Tatum's U.S. company, Advanced Finishing Solutions and its reps are the exclusive distributors of the Versa coaters. Located in Baltimore, MD, they can be reached at 443.854.4722, or go to A deal is in the works for signing an agreement with a national service vendor.