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Inkjet Kiosk With a 9-Cent, 4x6 Print Being Shown To Prospective Buyers

Jerry Lansky

Forget cropping, zooming, color correction, etc. These features are not in the demo software though David said a manufacturer could add whatever software he chooses.

As demoed, the printer is set up with ink and sheet media to output 1,000 prints. A service module kit loads the kiosk with new consumables and the empty module will be returned for re-loading, according to David.

While the memjet system is expected to be incorporated in a consumer-operated kiosk, David said that it could be networked for use as a dedicated 4-inch printer behind the counter, feed from a roll rather than cut sheets and output 1,800 prints an hour. HP has a 4x6-only, behind-the-counter unit with its Microlab PS-1000, a 700-print/hr. unit which employs the inkjet print engine used in its Express kiosk.

As for availability, David said the 4-inch memjet system would be available later this year. For the future, an 8-inch width print head is being developed which, he claims, should be ready in about 18 months.

In addition to David's activity with Memjet Photo Retail, there are companion programs to incorporate the memjet system into home and office printer systems.