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New HP Alliance Underscores Photography's Power
Printing giant's relationship with aid organization expands its reach and purpose.

Ami Vitale/CARE

Phil Borges/CARE

Phil Borges/CARE

Ilan Godfrey/CARE

Meredith Davenport/CARE

"For students with limited funds this was a great way to see the world. You meet people who don't have much and you're still being welcomed into their home," said Brosnan, a student studying at the Paris Institute of Photography who covered CARE's work in Egypt .

Borges, a documentary photographer who covered CARE's projects in Cambodia , added, "The I Am Powerful campaign helps to raise awareness and the work can influence finance policy and advocacy."

After completing the photo shoots, participating photographers joined HP for a special digital printing workshop in San Francisco to begin production of the exhibit. The workshop enabled the shooters to use the latest photo printing technology from HP.

"It's wonderful to see printer technology evolving at the rate it is," Borges said of the printers. "I've been waiting for a digital print on a fine art paper with deep blacks and pigments that don't shift in color under different light sources, or metamerism." His particular palette of neutrals and sepia are particularly susceptible to these color shifts.

An alliance between HP and the Sante Fe Photography Workshop was also announced at the press conference. The workshop has agreed to use the new HP printers exclusively for the next five years.