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Harman Technology has Been Successfully Paving its Route to the Stars
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On the international distribution front, much change has been seen to previous arrangements. All of the old Ilford Imaging subsidiaries, which were forced into liquidation with the parent company, have been replaced by assigning the business to new well-established distributors.

The USA and Canada, major aspects of the worldwide network, have recently seen significant changes in that new storage and logistical arrangements have been agreed with one of the US's leading distributors to the electronic and photographic trade in North America, Wynit, to support Harman's own arrangements for sales and technical representation.

It is all part of the process of strengthening Ilford Photo's position on the world stage, and laying the basis for the continued development of the company and its long-term plans for extending both its own presence and the resurgence of black-and-white analogue photography.

While Ilford Photo continues its course, the rest of the Harman technology Limited business is also developing new strands by utilizing the capacity and the facilities it houses at its site in the centre of the United Kingdom.

As well as the manufacturing and treatment areas outlined above, the massive storage and handling operation is being made available to outside organizations seeking comprehensive warehousing and worldwide delivery services. Able to accommodate thousands of pallets of goods, the HARMAN warehouse complex is fully equipped with state-of-the-art management systems able to handle the movement of large consignments or 'pick-and-pack' sorting.

In its own right, Harman technology is becoming a major industrial services provider, of which Ilford Photo is able to take full advantage in continuing to extend its activities throughout the world.

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