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Photobloggers Exposed: Come Live the LifeVicarious Culture

On September 29, Christian will begin his journey. First in Austin, Texas, then south to Ecuador, he will spend 111 days exploring and traversing South America. In January he will fly over to South Africa where he will slowly travel up north across eastern Africa, onward up through the Middle East, eastward across Asia, through India, China, perhaps even Japan, finding his way to New Zealand and Australia, then eventually home to Newport Beach, in time for the holidays in 2007.

Christian only purchased three plane tickets: one to Austin, one from Texas to Ecuador, and one from Brazil to South Africa, leaving his itinerary free and open to go wherever the road may take him. In his words, "Travel is freedom …and it's inspiration."

The lack of set plans will allow Christian to truly experience what each location has to offer, to fully immerse himself into the culture, to get to know the people, and to capture this all with his camera. "I really just want to catch people in their element, whatever that may be. And hopefully…capture the emotion."

With a strong passion for both people and photography, Christian's brilliant style can bring life to an ordinary setting. He has the uncanny ability to see a moment, feel that moment, and translate it through his lens.

He says: "I guess an amazing landscape can spark an emotion in people, but I would much rather catch the emotion of a person in my photos." Christian's journey will be an exploration of the human condition around the world.

LifeVicarious, the photoblog, will be updated whenever there is an available internet connection. Full of images and the occasional story of Christian's adventures, LifeVicarious will become a virtual tour of the world, where we, the viewers, will be allowed to experience the adventures of this 31 year old globe-trekker, all from the convenience of our homes.

In addition to gaining a lifetime of experiences, Christian hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams. "Part of my goal is to get people to take a trip of their own." A trip, maybe around the world, or perhaps simply a journey of self-realization to taking those first steps to making one's own dream come true. "…You do have to live life to the fullest, you only go around once. And if I can seriously play even a small part of someone making the decision to follow a dream, I will consider this trip, this blog, and the stories, a complete success."

So pack your virtual bags and let's hit the road. Come with me as we follow Christian, and live the LifeVicarious; it promises to be one heck of a ride.

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Chantal is a photographer who maintains a daily updated photoblog, and lives with her loving and supportive husband and three beautiful children in Central Ohio.

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